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09-13-2011, 06:28 AM
Originally Posted by SojournerX
Does it really matter weather or not the ship left Federation space? Does it really matter if the class ever had a refit or retrofit? This game isn't hardcore canon. Let's keep in mind the topic is about a minor class variant.
I know this was not directed at me but I hope you don't mind an answer nontheless.

No, that part is also entirely soft-canon anyway.
Yes. If it was deemed such a failure that it was retired some 80+ years before the regular Miranda there must have been terribly wrong with the esign.
Whether STO is canon or not is not so much the issue.
CBS still has control over what gets released, like they flat-out said no TOS Connie.
It's not just us we have to take into consideration.

And if it's important enough to make a thread about it, I'd say it's important to look at the matter from all sides.