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09-13-2011, 07:32 AM
I've played part one of your mission so far. I'll probably play part two tomorrow. I gave it five stars simply for the interior design. I was extremely impressed at how you took other levels and crafted them to look nothing like the originals.

I've been designing a custom interior for my mission as well, however I went with a bit different strategy, and made it all square to match the corridor pieces. Your work almost makes me regret that I didn't try to make the corridors a bit twisty, although I think it wasn't really an option with what I was trying to accomplish (full deck layout).

I liked the story. However, in terms of mission flow, a couple parts seemed a bit weak. The space parts were a bit boring with the destroy 3/3 ships. I guess most people probably just blow through those, but I was playing on Elite with a science ship not designed for solo play, so these parts took me a while. I'm not saying they were too hard (how could they be with only fighting one group), but they stood out to me as being kind of drab.

It would be cool if you could get a bit more interactivity in there somehow.

Here's one idea: On the part where you fight in orbit of the planet, instead of fighting 3 separate groups, how about fighting them all together, but with some more orbital platforms to provide support. The situation could be that there is a large group in orbit of the planet, which is clearly too large for you to handle yourself, but there are orbital platforms that are offline. The player would have to power the orbital platforms up in order to help him defeat the orbital force (there could be a nebula or something to explain how you can get close to the platforms without being detected). If you wanted you could even have a dialogue based puzzle to power them up.

In terms of Foundry tech the "platforms" (reskinned Federation Battleships) would be separated from the enemy group by Invisible Wall Talls (offset to Y -20, so they are equally above and below level 0). You could have two concurrent objectives, one to power up the orbital platforms (invisible objects used as interacts around each "platform"), and the second to destroy the unknown ships in orbit. Once the platforms are all powered up, the invisible walls would lower and the platforms would engage the enemy ships, with you helping out.

Anyway, that's just one possibility. You probably have some of your own ideas. I just think something along those lines would be more fun, and it would bring at least that space map more up to par with the ground maps.

On the ground level (Driiax), I didn't like how you had to fight the attacking security forces. I guess I can understand the first group, but the second one seemed kind of arbitrary. I think that part would be more interesting if you spawned a bunch of security teams all around the village, with the objective being to get to the cave. That way the player wouldn't necessarily have to fight them and could either engage or evade as he saw fit. I feel like it would be a little more exciting having to try to avoid the enemy, rather than being forced to fight one group. Maybe the layout of the level doesn't allow for that to be practical? Anyway, it's just another thought.

Overall, I liked the mission and look forward to playing part 2.