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09-13-2011, 10:30 AM
Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
Dual TT on a sci ship?

Nah, you have big giant shields, you shouldn't need two. You should be running dual sci teams for clearing debuffs and/or shield healing.
They arent primarily for me. I pug "alot" and find that way too many people either dont have it or dont use it.

1 to give 1 for keep.

I can switch out for dual sci team but what would you recommend to replace the TT's?

Originally Posted by MelineAaele View Post
Ways I try and keep escorts/BOPs off my butt:

TBR1 (higher isnt needed)
Tractor and move out of arc
Jam and evade cannon arc (to stop shooting it/break jam)
Evasive to opposite side of fight (using evasive or deuterium)
PSW or rear Tric

Example: If focused by 3 opponents, 1 escort 2 cruiser

Tractor escort (if possible SNB his alpha)
Jam 1st cruiser
Debuff 2nd cruiser

Wait for help

If none shows, PSW and evasive away
I used jam for a while but it just seemed a dash selfish
FBP seems overly selfish.

TBR1 cant use without losing a tss2/he2. I like my he3,2/tss2/3 chain.

ill clarify my weapons in main thread but i run two chrons fore 2 trics rear 1 beam fore 1 beam aft

Currently though aft bug. I may be able to toss on 1 more beam but i think filling my rear with beams will kill my overall dps/ wep power.

Will wing that PSW when i q up tonight and see how it plays out.