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09-13-2011, 11:56 AM
Originally Posted by Vangreal View Post
So I've finally got my Klingon up to BG, and got a raptor. I was flying a BOP until now (Tac Captain) but the Raptor looks most like the adorian ship from enterprise. I have it loaded up with Tetryon's and quantums, but wanted to run the build by the pvp community.

(Tetryon)3 DBB's front, 1 Quantum Torpedo Launcher
(Tetryon)3 Turrets back

TacTeam1, APB1, BFAW3, AP03
TacTeam1, BO2, BO3

Right now Breen Engines, Deflector, and Reman shield, Though will be getting the Borg gear and running either the Aegis or Cap3 shield once I get em. I forget at which level you get access to run the borg STFs.

Running for consoles..
EPS, Plasmamanifold, (insert field emitter here)
2x Induction
4x Tetyron Weapons

Thoughts? Right now its a pretty solid build, but I am thinking the turrets in the back are draining too much power from the forward weapons, so I was wondering what I should replace them with?

Really beams are for feds... the only time a klink should ever have a beam on a raptor is if you have ONE beam at its for Beam overloads only.

3 DHC 1 Quantum
3 Turrets

TacTeam1, Beta 1, HY3, Rapid 3
TacTeam1, Rapid 1, Omega 1

There it is... a Klink Raptor... with blue guns... unless the blue lazors where just to make it look like the andoiran ships in the show. I can' remember if they had beams or not.