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09-13-2011, 01:26 PM
Originally Posted by bigduckie
They arent primarily for me. I pug "alot" and find that way too many people either dont have it or dont use it.

1 to give 1 for keep.

I can switch out for dual sci team but what would you recommend to replace the TT's?

I used jam for a while but it just seemed a dash selfish
FBP seems overly selfish.

TBR1 cant use without losing a tss2/he2. I like my he3,2/tss2/3 chain.

ill clarify my weapons in main thread but i run two chrons fore 2 trics rear 1 beam fore 1 beam aft

Currently though aft bug. I may be able to toss on 1 more beam but i think filling my rear with beams will kill my overall dps/ wep power.

Will wing that PSW when i q up tonight and see how it plays out.
The point is that if you have to rely on yourself to survive (because heals doesnt come your way), then your BOffs skills should reflect that.. Anyways.. Using PSW defensively gives you ~4 secs to get some heals (or your Ablative) running.. Also gives you time to scoot away from the frontal arcs.

Try the different skills Ive mentioned, go with what you feel most comfortable with.