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09-13-2011, 03:48 PM
Originally Posted by vampiric_hoshi View Post
However, the T5 Bird of Prey is a Raider. The K'Vort is a Cruiser. So the two obviously do not fit despite a similarity in size.
Since when do the "canon"-description of cruiser and the ingame-category "Cruiser" equal each other?
There are multible ships that were named or indicatet to be cruisers onscreen that endet up in diffrent categorys.... wich is a good thing, we'd have 90% cruisers in the game if it were diffrent.

For the Hegh'ta, just judging from the looks... it IS a cruiser, so the K'vort can easyly work as a Hegh'ta skin although beeing a named "Cruiser" in Yesterdays Enterprise...

Originally Posted by mister_dee
It's bigger as in "legth" and "width", but look at the ships themselves.
The Defiant is roughly turtle-shaped, meaning it is rather sturdy and compact while the Hegh'ta has a spindly thin hull with large yet not really thick wings.
So it's like saying an antenna mast must be togher than a truck because the mast is bigger.
Originally Posted by LittleTerribleRomulan
The problem is what the hull is shaped much mass it has versus what little spindles it has...etc..
Na.... honestly.... the main Hull is build prety massive... the ship is prety large.... and just look at the fleet escort or.. well a lot of ships look more fragile and have more hull.

The reason for the Hegh'tas low hull is game balance, not less, not more. I'd love to see a version that... matches its viusals better... but I can live with that basicly...