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09-13-2011, 06:06 PM
Someone other than myself asking about the Jupiter! AND the Typhoon to boot!

Well I for one would whole heartedly oppose the Jupiter becoming a skin for the Galaxy X Dreadnought, they are just two completely different ships. It would be better if they came out with a new ship entirely (my guess is it will be a retrofit to explain the change of graphics, powers etc.). In fact the devs have stated that the Jupiter and the Typhoon are on the list to come out later this year, now with the implementation of F2P I would almost assure you that these two ships will come out as c-store items.

The Typhoon could get away with being a skin of the assault cruiser, but I would also like to see it be it's own ship with it's own stats.

No comment on the Galaxy X, except for the fact that I've heard the spinal lance sucks in the first place (unless it's been updated).

Hope that helps, if you're interested in the Jupiter Class Dreadnought take a look at my forums; you can find the links in my signature below.