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Originally Posted by SojournerX
Does it really matter weather or not the ship left Federation space? Does it really matter if the class ever had a refit or retrofit? This game isn't hardcore canon. Let's keep in mind the topic is about a minor class variant.
sadly it does matter. we may ask but im just saying now. sense it isnt written that this ship in question has been spoken to never leave federation held space, that it will stay that way by CBS and other standards of ST. reason being is the writers will sue those involved. we tried to get several ships. but CBS and other writers involved said that if they ships are seen or otherwise used in this game other than by name that they will sue. not just for royalties, but far worst. its one thing to ask. but dont be disappointed when you dont see it.

Star trek is not like Star wars. Locus sells and buys at word value. Star Trek will not, cause star Trek cant. One man owns Star Wars, infact the guy owns are words pertaining to star wars. check out the hit series BattleStar Galatica. this hit series used to air on TV as you see it. however Locus Arts (george Locus) bought the words Battlestar. thus the producers of the hit series was A: to owe Locus Arts a lot of money, or change the name. they settled with it listed on TV as Galatica 1985. and they still owed Locus arts about 8 mnts in royalties.

now today the US gov'nment has stepped in and told locus he no longer owns words, so anyone can use the words pertaining to and about star wars as freely as if they were his. you may not however use any content related with out his permission. and that comes at a high price.

Dont believe me? think im just being a jerk and a troll? i figured you might have. go look it up, i promiss you your be even more upset at the facts than i am. i want a enterprise F but they say i cant have THE enterprise F cause CBS said its in the books and the writer either said no, or cant be contacted. anyways hate me all you want cares not to me.