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Ok, well, I think this has been talked about in the flagship thread, but I thought I might start a new discussion on this. I was wondering why the Devs haven't added the large forward disruptor cannon to the in-game Negh'var yet? When I say Negh'var, I'm referring to the one under command of Martok and Gowron in DS9's Way of the Warrior. Are they going to release a retrofit negh'var, or are they going to be placing a spinal-like disruptor cannon on the new klingon flagship? To me, the negh'var looks cool, but it just doesn't have the oomph a flagship is supposed to have. It feels like a tin can with ablative armor. Anybody else share the same sentiment? And, please don't give me the same tired old argument of it will make the game unbalanced. If the large disruptor cannon unbalances PVP, disable it for PVP gameplay or make it's GC higher. By the way, the negh'var is my favorite in game ship .