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09-14-2011, 06:20 AM
Originally Posted by Psi'a Meese
  • K't'inga
    • Geo error dorsal starboard side of neck base

I can confirm this error was fixed in Monday's Tribble patch. The model looks more symmetrical as a result. But that is the only change made thus far to the model. I can also confirm that all K't'inga and K'tinga variants have access to Type 2 windows on Tribble and Holodeck. These are horizontal and only upon the command pod (saucer) and look awesome on the K't'inga Refit. Not so much on the canon K't'inga (my opinion). Our notes suggest vertical windows for the canon K't'inga. This isn't really the case for the TMP or Kronos One variant (which is linked on page 1). Just more detailed rows of round windows is what I'm seeing. Does anyone concur?

There were other discrepancies I noted tonight on Tribble. Related to the Ship Tailor customizations. Those are posted with the Tribble notes for September 12. I don't think we need that here - yet.
Thanks for the update and for pointing out my mistake with the windows. I've used part of the image you provided for the missing rows of windows.

Originally Posted by Z3R0B4NG View Post
K'T'inga glowy parts still get invisible if you get close to the ship
pics taken with view distance set to 25%

Perhaps that is an issue with your system? What video card do you use?

Is anyone else seeing this error?

Originally Posted by milamber3 View Post
I hope in the DS9 FEs. But addition to the general OP listing of the T4/T5 Defiant and apologies in advance for any redundant info:

- The aft port running lights on both the dorsal & ventral sides should be red instead of green ("Port wine is red")
- The fore ventral lights where the deflector meets the hull should be moved much closer inward next to the piping
- There are 2 large windows missing on the faces of the sharp, angular sections of the keel on both sides (right now they look like phhaser strips or vents and too high) These angular sections should also be moved aft/redesigned with the nacelles
- Warp flashes shouldn't emit from the sides of the closed nacelles
- The Gallant/vigilant fore ventral running light on the deflector housing should be white instead of red, or removed
Thank you for the very orderly set up of your message. I've added your issues as a link to your post. I've also removed one of the two dorsal name light entries, as I had accidentally entered it twice.