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09-14-2011, 07:33 AM
Originally Posted by Fletch246
At LG the ole standby TAC commander with Sci LTC, strong alpha and PSW, is a good choice.
That's right. I recommend 3 DHCs & 1 torpedo or 1 DBB (fore) so you can use Rapid 3, HY 3 or BO 3, AP Delta or Beta and 1 copy of TT 1 (2 turrets or 1 turret and 1 trico aft).
You must experiment with your BOP so at the begining of your adventure with this awesome ship you can use PSW 1 but TBR 2 or other nasty sci powers (exept SS) would be also good - everything depends on your personal preferences and experience.
Since there's no place for AP Omega in this build, you can use PH 2- it's good for tractor beams and hull tanking. If you will choose PSW 1 and "sneaky" way of fight: decloak, stun, attack, you will also need tractor beam 1.
I wish you good luck with finding the best build for you Zombie619. You will find soon that BOP (even if it's the most squishy ship in this game) can be awesome killer and it's still STO's Ferrari.