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09-14-2011, 09:13 AM
Originally Posted by nemajneb
Good Evening all,

Was a fan boy of this game prior to launch then found out that the game has very little to no pvp, and what there was, was simply care bear battle grounds style. I saw that the game was going free to play which caught my interest, then saw the great graphics, etc...and said i'm just going to get the game. I suddenly remembered the care bear thing.

So, I've been googling pvp all over these forums andhave found nothing...concerns me. How does pvp work in this game? Is there open world pvp? Is it faction v faction? Or is it just in small areas of the map?

Thanks for filling me in,

If by "care bear" you mean not being able to gank players who do not want to PvP, then there is no PvP of that type. All PVP in the game is consensual and, except for warzones that have not reached the population cap of 15, instanced.
I'll admit that some people in warzones are suprised that other players can/will attack them.
In addition the PvP forums are here: