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09-14-2011, 10:13 AM
There is probably 1 thing you will notice after a few STFs, no dedicated healer is really necessary. Depending on if you are going with fleetmates or PUGs you will encounter people with good builds that only need a little assistance in case of emergency and people with bad builds. The people with bad builds will die no matter how many heals you pump in their direction so usually its better to go with a couple of offensive/crowd controling powers and heals.

You are not looking for different abilities but IMHO it would be better to switch SS and GW to GW 3 / SS 2. With a couple of points in Sensor skills and enough auxiliary power SS 2 can give you 25 seconds, usually enough. GW 1 is not that breathtaking but GW 3 can deal quite impressive damage (especially after enemy shields are down) and hold smaller ships in place. Therefore I also would replace Jam Sensors with Tractor Beam so you can be sure to lock the prime target in your GW. Tooltips for Gravity Well are messed up since a patch a few weeks ago, it doesn't display the damage output any longer but it is probably the sciene abilities that deals the most raw damage.

For your heals, do not rely on shield tanking against Borg! As a science ship captain there are enough slots to have both shield and hull heals/resists but your shields will go down in seconds after a Shield Neutralizer and you won't be able to clear them all.

As for the Deflector, I think that is personal preference, Just pick 2 skills you want to support. Personally I don't like the specialized Deflectors like Graviton, Tachyon and whatever the third was, too many abilities that depend on too many different skills. I go with a standard Deflector with good modifiers, then Aegis and later Borg Deflector.

For your science consoles: Ignore +Sensor Probes consoles, skill points in that skill don't do much for Scramble Sensors, auxiliary power is more important. That being said, use Deflector Field and Hazard Systems consoles to help your heals or maybe better Spatial Anomaly consoles to help Gravity Well.