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09-14-2011, 09:20 AM
Originally Posted by decker999 View Post
You are not looking for different abilities but IMHO it would be better to switch SS and GW to GW 3 / SS 2. With a couple of points in Sensor skills and enough auxiliary power SS 2 can give you 25 seconds, usually enough. GW 1 is not that breathtaking but GW 3 can deal quite impressive damage (especially after enemy shields are down) and hold smaller ships in place. Therefore I also would replace Jam Sensors with Tractor Beam so you can be sure to lock the prime target in your GW. Tooltips for Gravity Well are messed up since a patch a few weeks ago, it doesn't display the damage output any longer but it is probably the sciene abilities that deals the most raw damage.
Thanks much.

I heard from a fleetmate also that Borg resist Scramble or dispel it quickly anyway. I could swap some BOFF powers around without much trouble also; so along the same lines you're talking, I was just taking a look at Gravity Well III / Tractor Beam III as an alternative. It seemed like the two holds + kinetic damage would be a strong combo; but I thought I remembered reading that Tractor Beam doesn't scale up much with rank or skill points. Should I bother with TB III and skill it up, or just stick with TB I?

I can probably find some hazard system consoles around somewhere to pimp HE III out even more, but it seemed like 20-24K was a crapload of healing already; maybe I'll want even more though. I do know from fighting Borg at lower levels that shields seem to go away instantly no matter what, so I'm more interested in the dampening field / HE hull resists to stay alive.