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Originally Posted by decker999 View Post
Not all Borg are immune to SS only the Cubes and Tac Cubes and most Bosses. So if you see a group of Probes, Spheres and a Cube, scramble the Spheres and they will attack the Cube. For STFs, if there is a Boss like Donatra with the old round probes this will tell you they can't be scrambled at all. I have no idea why, they are just different.

Tractor Beam 1 is enough. It will hold PvE ships and only the damage would increase slightly with a higher level. There is also no need to put any points in Tractor Beam Skills. Gravity Well 3 is a strong AoE Hold but the larger ships like Spheres and Cubes will (slowly) move away, that's where the Tractor Beam comes into play to hold the primary target.

It is not really necessary to help HE or PH with consoles, only if there is room left. You can go with 3 or even 4 Spatial Anomaly consoles or whatever and you will be fine. If you want an additional hull heal/resist against Borg, train another engineer in EPtS 1 / Aux2SIF 1, the Aux2SIF can sometimes be more useful than a second copy of EPtS against Borg and will not interfere with Tac and Sci Team like Eng Team would. HE 3 would probably be a waste to simply clear a Shield Neutralizer so Aux2SIF will come in handy.
Thanks again. I retrained my main sci BOFF in GW III / SS II / PO I / TB I. I also retrained my engineer to replace EPtS II with A2SIF I. I'm still not sure whether the standard or Aegis deflector will be better; I guess the Aegis hull resist proc might decide it. I can hit around -100 on Sensor Scan with the standard deflector [Sen]x2 and a couple consoles, but I don't know whether that or a stronger 3 or 4 console Gravity Well would be more useful. With the Aegis deflector and its low sensor stat, Sensor Scan is only around -88 at best, but Starship Dampening field is stronger, and I assume GW III must be as well. I guess I'll start with the standard Mk XI blue deflector and two consoles each for Sensor Array and Spatial Anomaly, and see how that works out.