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09-14-2011, 11:41 AM
Originally Posted by decker999 View Post
Well, have fun. You have a lot of torpedoes for a build without CPB and TachBeam so maybe you will have to adjust that, too.

All these points you have in Sensor skill should also help your subsystem targeting, so if you are not happy with the APDelta 1 and don't want to try APBeta 1 you can use TSShields 2. This way you can get more chances for Tricobalts to hit the hull and also your Gravity Well will deal more damage.
This is true. I don't think of this as a build that will work well for solo encounters, since it's got no shield dropping abilities to speak of. My idea was that I can use Scramble to distract the adds; keep Science Fleet / Starship Dampening field and spare heals going to help the team stay alive long enough for cruisers and escorts to drop a shield facing; then pop Gravity Well / Tractor Beam / Sensor Scan and use the tricobalts to help finish the main target off quickly. I planned on just leaving the Hargh'Pengs on autofire to do whatever they can do, and using the tricobalts when I have a clear shot.

When I go soloing just running dailies or whatever, I have a whole other, opposite build I use; MVAE with tetryons, Tachyon Beam III, Target Shields, etc., to rip down shields and finish things off quick with torpedos. With the Intrepid though, I never felt like I could really get good damage relying on my weapons alone, and that seems kind of counter to the purpose of a science ship in a team setting as well. So this time around I'm trying the approach of amplfying team damage and jumping in with torpedos when I get the chance.