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02-20-2009, 03:06 AM
Originally Posted by Eidolonael View Post
It seems there is a lot more customization of ships than we originally guessed, and it looks like the bridge crew discussion is still a bit vague...

I was hoping that there would be the option of a Flagship for Fleets that members of the fleet could man the duty stations of... that sounds like it might be a big expansion though... I would still like to see this possibility addressed and come to eventuality where a ships entire critical crew could be manned by players.

Nice read and nice release of detailed information. I remain hungry for more.

Flagships for Fleets Cryptic... Say that over and over and imagine the possibilities and the guild vs guild pvp ramifications that would have... Flagships for Fleets...

Flagships for Fleets...
While I love the idea of Flagships, not in the way you are describing it.

It should be more of a "morale boost", when you get a flagship style ship on the battlefield every in that fleet gains a bonus to something.

Eve has something similar I believe, but don't hold me to that.

What I would like to see is their be multiple "Flagship classes" built by fleets of course, and can only be one flagship class in the fleets "party", and when that flagship is present it gives various bonuses, like a warship type flagship would provide a bonus to the combat abilities of the ships, a science vessel would do something more sciency. I would think flagships as the "Relics" "God gear" "etc" type deal, the ones that are going to be very few in the game.

Alternativley they could make it where any ship could serve as the flagship for the "fleet your traveling with" and depending on the class/configuation of said ship it would give bonuses to the others.

As for everyone manning a station on one ship, I honestly don't mind if its there, I just don't see it being implemented, I mean really...that just seems boring to me out of RP reasons of course. I think it would make a much better different game altogether, rather then tacking it on here.