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02-20-2009, 02:27 AM
Awesome Thank you tytytytyt for this new info.. Love hearing it.. Um.. 1 question I have.. about the Warp stuff.. I am a little confused about the Warp speeds.. If Warping to a different System will be instantainious.. then what does it matter what speed of Warp we goto...

Alternatively, does this mean.. that the further away you warp.. there will be a definate time delay to get there rather then instantly warping there?

Also.. I am not sure if its been asked.. but will we have the ability to wander around in a first person mode on our ships.. We customize the outsides and add different stuff inside.. will we be able to walk around inside our "own" ship.. to see points of interest.. like Engine room, our quarters and the like.. to help with those of us that love to roleplay completely immerse ourselves in this wonderful universe you are creating? I would like a Dev if Possible to answer these things for me.. Thank you )