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09-14-2011, 02:04 PM
Originally Posted by DialgaChampion View Post
I ran into a similar problem. I completed one of the Borg Invasion missions, selected the "Level-Appropriate Item" as the reward, but when I right-clicked the item and clicked "Equip" (because there's no "Use" option in the right-click menu), the Level-Appropriate Item disappeared from my inventory and I did not receive any other item as a reward.

Ever since then, I've been taking the "Level-Appropriate Badge" reward instead, and even so, it seems to be giving me a badge that's one level below the rank I'm currently in.
I believe the problem with that is that most of the Borg DSEs lock everyone to level 45. So you are going to get a MKX item. You'd have to fight in one of the higher level DSEs to get a XI.