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09-14-2011, 04:42 PM
Originally Posted by Alexin_Cobra View Post
3) Yes, give it 3 shots as long as the damage is 3 times as it is now. For example, 1st shot breaks the shields, 2nd shot does 25% damage to hull, 3rd shot 25% more damge to the hull. If you catch a ship with the shields down it should almost destroy that ship. If it's a hull class less than a cruiser it should be a kill.
Because that's not overpowered, at all.

Have you even considered the combined buffs that a tactical Vice Admiral can get out by stacking Emergency Power to Weapons with Attack Pattern Alpha, Tactical Team, Tactical Fleet and Fire on My Mark?

I've got regular phaser beam arrays on a Sovereign doing 1,500 damage per shot with the above buffs without even trying to optimize the build. What you're proposing is a freaking death star.