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Originally Posted by P.Funk View Post
In a future where the ability to go many times the speed of light is possible, not to mention the ability to utilize transporter technology that has already been proven to be impossible, its conceivable that carting large modules into space is more economical than it is to us now.

Modular construction is far more efficient, not to mention building a massive ship of that sort of complexity entirely in vacuum would be incredibly slow. EVAs in the Star Trek future dont' seem to be that much more dexterous so doing the kind of fine manual work necessary to build a ship like The Enterprise etc would be... extremely slow.

Construction within the atmosphere is really the only viable way to do it. We can assume that those crafty Starfleet engineers could find a way to lift it into orbit piece of by piece I'm sure.
i really do hate it when people say its been proven impossible to do things. how the hell do you know whats impossible just because we have been on this world for what 7000 years of recorded civilisation we seems to think we know everything about the universe and what we can and cant do. i mean you cant say its impossible because to be honest we dont know if we are right about the science that says it is impossible we could be wrong.
sorry tired rant after spending 4 days solid on my dissertation
anywho yeah il go by the thing thats nothing is impossible.
anywho to the topic. i know the sovereign was constructed using some sort of holographic construction technique or so i have been told. The Galaxy i thought was constructed at utopia then moved to earth at McKinley if i remember rightly in all good things Picard visits the enterprise as he was taking command and it was in its dry dock around earth.
However if were going by construction methods they have bloody replicators why dont they just build massive replicators in orbit and use them to replicate ships??