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Originally Posted by anazonda View Post
On the point: "why is there no Enterprise class": With regard to the fact that Starfleet sees the name "Enterprise" as an epic ship, They would not build a ship, call it Enterprise, take it through shakedown and then say: Oh boy... The Enterprise class is a epic failiure... let's scrap this model.

It just would'n seem right.
In ST TMP features, it was hinted that some people behind the film development thought of the Constitution-refit as a new "Enterprise" class since it was such a different ship. So there was a possibility of it being one. The only thing that bugs the hell out of me is that the Enterprise is almost always said to be the first of it's class, but invariably there is a namesake ship of that class... even though in many cases that would be out of place. After all, there is a USS Constitution, Excelsior, Ambassador, Galaxy, and Sovereign.

I would say that it probably would be easier for Starfleet Engineers to build what they could planetside since that is the environment we work best in, build the frame (or at least assembled) in orbit, and install portions as they could. Though I would also infer that they would be able to be far more precise in their movements in microgravity than us.