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09-14-2011, 09:29 PM
Im an Engi in N00bula.. well I have it now, i dont play it alot though :p

Its possibly one of the best combinations out there.

I mean, you have best of both worlds healing for both science and engineering, and some juice to keep yourself alive.

TSS3, Science team 1 and Science team 2, Hazard emitters 1. (Can eventually reverse a SS with HE2)
I use Engi team 1 more for someone being proced rather then a Hull heal, but they usually require a bit of hull repair because that Target shield can break a facing. I do not have TT atm unfortunately, that would be too much team abilities, but hey, its no dedicated zombie tank

And then the universal Lieutenant and Lieutenant Commander slots...
You can make very high stats with it (just for fun) but we all know stats are not really 'the real thing'.

On top of all this, you get decent hull hitpoints and bonus to your own shield capacity/regeneration. What more would you want?

Because its a dedicated healer I run my powers as follow: 25/50/25/100, Effectively: 50/95/61/124 and with 2x EptS's my shield is also 110+ all the time. (approximate numbers) (Bonus defense on 70% ^^)

All in all I think its best for support with a good team.