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Originally Posted by AngelSilhouette View Post
I went over a few of the different K't'inga pictures and saw that only some of them had the glowing nacelle grilles. Others had completely opaque nacelles. I'm thinking that the glowing grilles should probably be added only to certain K't'inga costumes, like Qo'noS / Kronos 1.
As far as the movie productions were concerned, they really were the same model. With these distinctions:
  • K't'inga (in The Motion Picture) sported the red collector up top the engineering hull. Unlit nacelles.
  • Kronos One sported the inner, green illumination of the nacelles. It does sport the red collector upon initial approach of the Enterprise. But not during the threat of combat and Enterprise's surrender. It's hull displays a unique, red paint job across the armor plating. The House of Makok (of which, in soft canon, Chancellor's Gorkon & Azetbur were a part) emblem on the nacelle struts. Along with a unique name implying flagship status at that time.
  • Then we saw K't'inga again via CGI in both DS9 and Voyager. Most showings displayed the lit nacelles.
What we see in-game is a single K't'inga model sporting combined lighting schemes. IMO, that's not a horrible thing. I was hopeful the lighting schemes would be resolved later via the Material customizations. Just like deflectors are now. Maybe some player don't want the lighting scheme at all. While others want all of the above.