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09-15-2011, 09:03 AM
Originally Posted by Mavrik1ace View Post
Hey Mox, Hows that Captain ship doing for ya??????

Grats Dude.
Thanks Mav, its going great and now with the new gcd on Torps I suspect even better! ^^

Quite a fair run to Captain now going forthe Admiral ranks.

Most certainly noticed how swift ground combat has been with a multicombination of different weapon types my away teams seem to fly through the enemy, occasionally meeting some stiff resistance but generally doing well.

Tried a Torp Spread and Fire At Will combo on the Galaxy, quite a light show with phasers! Nice really to see plenty of disable procs showing up. ^^

Quite some choice to sort out skills however all the interconnections can be a pain where one power relies on a diverse range of skills to have its effect sorted.

Anyways onwards and upwards for my new Engineer!