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Originally Posted by vampiric_hoshi View Post
Name one ship that was canonically identified as a cruiser, and not later identified as something else, and isn't a cruiser in STO.

Ships like the Nebula, and the Galor, are probably what you're thinking of - but since the Nebula was referred too consistently as a Science ship, and the Galor's classification changed every time it was seen, makes them both fair game.

Constitution, Galaxy, Sovereign, K't'inga, Vor'Cha, Negh'Var, Excelsior, all referred too as Cruisers, all cruisers in STO. I would say that there is a very strong case to be had for "canon cruiser" = "STO cruiser".
Just to make that short and not list 90% of the STO chart:
The NX class is named CRUISER on every possible occasion and is an escort.
And this is the featured ship of an entire series.
Case closed.

Originally Posted by vampiric_hoshi View Post
As powerful as the Hegh'Ta is, it is still a glass cannon - its inability to sustain damage clearly does not make it a cruiser, and that is the point. Looks, and even size, are irrelevant. The point of making a specific ship a specific class is about its stats.
Yes for pure gamebalance reasons no more no less, doesnt change the fact that it looks indictes that it is a cruiser.

Originally Posted by vampiric_hoshi View Post
The K'Vort was also referred too as a Cruiser on multiple occasions throughout DS9 as well, confirming that the K'Vort does exist in the prime timeline, and that it is considered a cruiser by both Starfleet and the Klingons.
Dont know wich non canon fan stuff you consider canon, but beside "Yesterdays Enterprise" the term K'Vort appears ONCE on a display in DS9, the term cruiser is NOT connectet to that and the actual ship it was refering to is NEVER seen on screen. We just know that it is a bird of prey and that Worf was in command. And we know how its escape pod looks .
Thats not multiple times.
Also I'm not questioning the K'Vort being a cruiser. I'm questioning (and have prooven above) that cruisers in canon do not equal the cruiser category in STO.