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09-15-2011, 03:55 PM
Originally Posted by Brakner View Post
Um why, I donít understand?

For both Beams and Cannons all you needs is and extra 7 points in the tier 2 skill Beams, you already have the rest of the skills you need when you take Cannons anyway. 7 in beams = 1400 skill points out of 52,000+ points, how is this spreading to thin?

I have seen plenty of escorts in Borg DSEís with beams/turrets and they seem to do very well with the FAW / Overload, CRF/CSV and Torp Sread Combo. In fact I saw one little Defiant absolutely rip apart 3 spheres with this, even before I could get my fat butt carrier to the fight.
What's not to understand? Hands down, cannons out dps beams all day long. That's why you take a hit to your dps. In lala pve land, you can shoot magical bunnies and still beat the mission. But I wouldn't be shooting them bunnies in pvp land. You'll get laughed at, frustrated because you do barely any damage, and get laughed at some more.

About the skill points, you can mix them (especially if you use phasers) but you will lose out on something. I usually take it out of my ground skills since I only space pvp anyways. It's not much like you pointed out though, nothing game shattering.

Bottom line, if you are only pve'ing then it's not a waste of time since almost anything works. If your serious about damage output and want to be competitive in pvp, then yes, it is a huge waste of time.