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# 7 You know what make me angry?
09-15-2011, 04:25 PM
I hate the fact that I had to sacrifice all my ground skills just to beef up my ship. I really think that is BS, and your ground skill level should have nothing to do with your space skill level. Also other online games allow you to max out all your skills. You just have to improve them individually. Why do you think nobody plays ground PVP? Its because they had to weaken the ground skills to better the space skills. What is it for us Vice Admiral people to do or get? What our reward? Why give us skill points when you won't let us use them? I have bought everything that was VA level and its not enough. I need a goal. These dailies are getting boring and to useless because there is not new devices or equipment to add to my ship. Can't you make the game so allow you to earn or buy mor slots for your ship such as Bridge officer slot levels? We cruiser pilots are tired of just using a LT TAC for weap buffs. Its time to give us what we earned. We went through all the trouble promoting and training our bridge officers just to not us their full potential.