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Federation Mission - Melee Training
Author: Captain_Sir

Mission Description: Good description

Grant Mission Dialog: Well written

Mission Task: Very clear and well instructed

Enter Mission Dialog: Suggest maybe change the button dialog to "Drop out of warp" or words to that affect.

Betazed Station: Perhaps don't use earth in the back ground when it is supposed to be Koolhaas system. Also suggest changing the Map text to something else since I am already in the system and pointed at the station. Arrival at the station dialog spelling error; “productivly” should be spelled productively. I like the button on that dialog box.

Holodeck Intro: Very well done.

Holodeck: Well done. The only thing is you may want to reduce the total number of engagements. It was getting a little long, and a couple of groups seemed to repeat but great overall. Only issue while fighting the Undines on the second combat the creature disappeared into the wall and I couldn’t get to him. He killed all but one of my team and then reappeared in the holodeck. Not sure if you can really do anything about that. You did a great job.

Summary: Seems odd that I could only find the mission with my Admiral character. Perhaps make the mission obtainable using one of the ESD objects interactions instead of having me fly all the way to Betazed Station in the Koolhaas system. Making a player fly that far would be okay if there was something related to the mission that once I am done with combat training I can finish based on the original pretext for the mission. Other than that I highly recommend this mission. You did a great job and thanks for authoring.