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09-16-2011, 06:31 AM
Originally Posted by Koppenflak
What you want is a weapon that will kill your opponent in one shot.

Covariants have been nerfed since Season 4. Borg Regeneratives are the most popular choice right now, combined with the set for the hull heal and multi-regenerative procs.

Second... Escort alpha strike? Yeah, this isnt new. If you don't know how to counter that by now, it's not the game's problem - it's yours. RSP, Tactical Team, Aceton Field... All of them mitigate this.

The bottom line is: No single weapon which can kill your opponent in one shot can, in any realm of fair play, be considered 'balanced'. And no sane developer in their right mind is ever going to grant you this wish.

Adapt or Die. Don't ask them to break game balance just because you have not worked out a counter that a great many people have.

There is no where in my quote that asked for one shot kill, so stop putting words in my mouth. I just want the weapon to do more damage than it does. If i ask for somethin a little extreme that because most likely they will meet me half way. You quit hating because I want the Dreadnaught upgraded. I am not changing my ship because you would like to see it nerfed. Its more than just their alfa strike. The escorts get tripple the Tac buffs a cruiser gets and all i get is engineering stuff that doesn't work well enough. You want to talk about balance? Just look at the score boards after PVP play and see how escorts get better and higher scores than everyone else bacause they can kill alot more people before they are killed. Explain how is that fair.