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09-16-2011, 08:39 AM
Originally Posted by Palmera
ok the 160 items are nothing big. this is a ship. a captain classed. have you seen the real ships that dont give anything but a look? im talking about the dreadnough and the Excel, and a Vulcan science vessal for a whooping 2000 CP. and your gonna complain about 800 for the same look and a bloody device.

there is a differance between a bridge pact and a ship.

clearly you and the rest complaining about prices wont be around when this goes F2P, and its sad to see.
Actually those are ships and not just skins. There are a couple ship skins that are around the ~160 cp price I think.
Yep, Nimbus, Comet, Maelstrom, Nomad, Hephaestus, and Imperial. All ship skins at 160 cp. They provide more parts for existing ships.
Originally Posted by Fewzz View Post
Lovely Skin..... but all i want is the skin and its way too expensive, hope this isnt gonig to be the cost of C Store stuff when it goes FTP.

Also Cryptic you really need to sort out how we respec if you want players buying of new toys, at least group all escorts together and cruisers with cruisers skill, i dont and wont buy this because although i fly cruisers i fly currently a Star Cruiser, even though a Galaxy is a cruiser i got to respec???????? sort it and quadruple your income!

I may still get it though as its a nice looker! (Although i dont like the Klingon one at all for some reason) im a sucker for ship customisation!
They've said they'll be working on the skill system at some point.