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09-16-2011, 09:00 AM
I personally do not like the look of the Venture. Sorry, I just think it's ugly. There's something about the way the neck connects to the saucer that turns me off, and I really don't like the deflector dish. If other's like this ship, I'm happy for them. And it's not that the artist didn't do a fine job, I just don't like that particular aesthetic. I won't be buying it cause it's just not my cuppa joe.

I think the Vor'Kang is awesome looking. I really like the "ribbed" look on the skin, the big hammer head, the red slit-like deflector, the sleek neck bridge... The ship has a fine aggressive appearance that I'd love to have. I even have a Klingon character in mind who would be a fine match to captain the Vor'Kang.

That said, I will not buy either ship.

I ascribe to the opinion held by many, that these ships offer Pay-to-Win features by being in a "Tier 4.5" class that is not otherwise available in-game. I do not wish to support that.

It's a bummer too, because I really like the Vor'Kang. I wish Cryptic would sell it as a separate skin.

Perhaps down the line if/when there is a reasonable method to acquire T4.5 features in-game, I may change my mind and get me that Vor'Kang. Until then, I vote No Sale.