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# 48 cannons on the vor'cha
09-16-2011, 07:34 PM
Originally Posted by Ithaqua
I really want this build to work. It seems to me such a waste to have to go back to "beams-only" for a viable build for this wonderful ship.
When I was flying the Vor'cha I was rather fond of a simple loadout of 4 duel cannons (if using DEM) or 4 duel heavy cannons (if not using DEM) in the forward position, with 4 beams to the rear. Powers were:

tactical; CRF1, 2*FAW1
engineering; ATSIF3, 2*EPS2, 2*ET1, Plus DEM or EWP or RSP to taste
science; to taste

This loadout was simple to use and quite satisfying. It also let me fly with 4 neutronium consoles. You can drop in an RCS if you are an engineering captain. You definitely get more punch in the cannon arc, but 4 beams with chained FAW is respectable.

The big thing to note is the slight gap in fire arcs between front and back. Not a nice place to receive fire from if you're stuck in multiple tractor beams, but a little experience with the combo and you can maneuver around it. Use an automated defense turret to kill tricobalts in that gap, or switch one forward weapon to a single cannon or dual beam beam if you feel too vulnerable.

Fun to fly in both PVP and PVE