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09-17-2011, 03:01 AM
I guess I don't see it as a game changer because everyone is using it and still ships explode and eventually the better team wins, most of the time. Certain sci abilities on the other hand are different. You can have an extremely skilled team without sci that will get smeared by mediocre players running all science captains in science heavy ships (intrepid in particular) and an escort. The more sub-nuc your team has (not heals) the more you will win. Not to mention a couple of shield stripping blue shirts will have a good laugh at your feeble attempt to launch a tactical team as their buddy in the scort' autofires you to death if he chooses to. To me they need to get that fixed asap before they go on to the finer points of other lacking abilities that aren't getting banned from tournaments etc.

I do want to chime in on my opinion of the other team abilities as well. I really feel to build your ship with a high ranking team ability over a high ranking heal that also adds damage resistance is maybe irresponsible. I see sci and eng teams as great debuff cleansers and added heals for already resisted team mates but for much more than that. I do expect a lot of disagreement on this subject though because I know of so many peoples heal setups revolve around rank III of these abilities and I never understood it. Always seems to be more useful things that can be slotted in those boff positions.

Before long I worry we'll be seeing 5 sci caps vs 5 sci caps in the ques. This week alone I've already seen a few premade/pugmade groups running the super 4 sci and one escort build absolutely smoking people. People don't generally run this kind of setup normally simply out of courtesy to the opponent and that's the honest truth. It should not be this way. Especially for pug's sake a team should be able to randomly group up into any combination of ships and have a chance to beat their opponent if they are good enough at what they are currently flying.

There are much bigger issues at hand in my humble opinion. I hope no one takes me the wrong way. I do like to see us work constructively on ideas for our game but I really don't see this ability being any where near the top of the list of abilities that needs tweaking.