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09-17-2011, 03:37 AM
Originally Posted by Mojo View Post
I don't care if it's the coolest thing since they invented ice, I refuse to patronize the C-Store anymore.

Perhaps when they have fixed the plethora of bugs and finished the content that should have been there at release (ie. finished the game), THEN I might consider it.

1. Detailed, variable NPC interaction system, including reputation and consequences for choices.
2. Detailed, variable and engaging system to represent scientific research.
3. Detailed, variable and engaging exploration system.
4. Refined and realistic crafting system that links to the research system.
5. Fully developed, interactive, realistic and detailed universe that allows us to immerse ourselves in the setting.

Once these things are present, then I'll consider buying something more from the C-Store.
You do realize the guy that makes the ships doesn't work on any of the stuff you've mentioned?

Originally Posted by Xenor-Nyiad View Post
Keep telling yourself that.
Yep, Talent point placement, bridge officer skills, cooldown management, piloting skills, group combat tactics and console, devices, weapon, deflector, shield and engine selection no longer matter......

Oh and getting back on topic, I might pick up both ships when the currency conversion kicks in or the game goes f2p. Which ever comes first.