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09-17-2011, 12:20 PM
You have to accept the mission "The Vault" from the commander of Starbase 39 Sierra. (that mission appears once you hit Lieutenant 6) Once you do, you talk to a Lieutenant Commander who's *not* with Section 31 and he gives you a shuttle requisition form and a ship slot because the mission requires a shuttle, runabout or Delta Flyer. Once you talk to him, you go down to the shuttle requisitions officer and the Type 8 appears for you to purchase, for the low price of 1 shuttle requisition.

One interesting note about shuttles: the weapons and equipment that come equipped by default "level up." So, they increase in power as you increase in rank. That way, you can continue using the shuttles for mission that require them as you progress through the ranks. Also, the phasers fire in a 360 degree circle.