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09-17-2011, 12:44 PM
Originally Posted by matteo716 View Post
hey all you pvp'rs out there.

major question- what is your reaction to the idea of a organized pvp voice chat service (be it vent or teamspeak)

there would be a way to directly donate to the service but it would not be required.

the idea behind this would be a central area for all the pvp events and just a central area for people to chat/hang out while playing in pvp.

there would private channels for fleets that would like to make this their home and of course there would be many pvp channels for teams out and about in the field.

remember this is just a feeler but if enough people show intrest we can maybe even directly tie this in with the opvp ingame chat channel so there a biggeer sense of community to the pvp community.

any feedback is welcome on this. so pelase think about it.
yes. on a side note the kdf alliance vent wtill works so any klingons teams fleets or players are welcome to use that for opvp created games, tourneys, and events. but an offical, dedicated opvp vent would be great.