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# 1 C-store Items Not available
09-17-2011, 01:35 PM
Hi all,

Like many of you I like the iconic star trek ships that we all remember from the Episodes and films. Therefore I have purchased the Defiant-R, Intrepid-R, Excelsior-R, Galaxy-R etc etc.
All of these ships I have used in the past on some characters. Now I am unable to get them without paying the C-store again. But I actually have some of these ships in my ship slots!!!

I suggest that anyone who has purchased from the C-store checks that they can actually access the items they have bought because Cryptics C-store system appears to have gone absolutely crazy. The only items that I can still access are items that I purchased after Series 3 for sure as my sci officer was not around before then. My Intrepid-R is still available which I purchased for that char just before S4.

Please cryptic fix this. If you are going to put MicroTransactions into the game then at least make sure they work.