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09-17-2011, 10:27 PM
A 9800 GTS is a grate graphics card if your on a budget, but it is showing its age these days. If your playing ports of console games its got more then enough power to keep things shiny because those games have to be so well optimised to run on console hardware any way.

Games developed soly for the PC tend to not be so well optimized, as is the case with Star trek online. I used a 9800 GTS with 1GB of RAM for a while a year or so ago and could make star trek online look good but not run everything on high.

Try turning off anti-aliasing and shadows and experimenting with raising and lowering other settings untill you find a compromise you can live with. AA and shadows are the big performance hitters in most games so if you can bare to live without them you can usualy afford to spend the performance saved on things that look better.

Without knowing more about your settings and FPS its hard to say exactly what you should change or wether the poor quality your experiancing is normal. It's posible your system is overheating and automaticaly throtteling down componants to keep them cooler. There is an option in the game settings you could try that is intended to reduce the heat your gpu generates.