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09-17-2011, 10:52 PM
Ok so I just googled your 'Gateway FX-7805u' and shock horror, its a laptop.

I highly recomend you stop playing STO on it. Why? Well laptops have very low life expectancies because there is simply no way to get desktop level performance out of any peace of hardware without generating desktop levels of heat.

Most desktops are as large as they are to help their components stay cool, the parts in a laptop arnt all that much smaller then you will find in your avrage tower, they just dont have all the empty space sitting around them for airflow.

Manufacturers do one of two things to deal with the issue.

The first way is to artificualy limit the laptops performance. They will either put in place custom firmware or driver software that tells the laptop's components not to run at their full capabilities or they will use cut back versions of the components intel, amd and nvidia design that dont have as many transisters. This would be one explination for why STO isnt running so well as it should be, your hardware isnt running to spec.

The second way is to use higher quality materials that will withstand repeated overheating just long enough for the warenty on the laptop to run out. This is what manufacturers who boast "gaming laptops" in their range usualy do. Of course this still means your system overheats and your performance degrades as a resolt, even before the inevitable day when the whole thing just gives up and refuses to boot windows.

This is why I recomend you dont run STO on your laptop. STO's engine is not well optimised and fully capable of causing high performance but well cooled cards to overheat. Your safer with a low performance card such as the one you have yes, but in a laptop it has no cooling to speek of. It is just a matter of time before you kill your computer.