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09-18-2011, 02:12 AM
Originally Posted by Gugeyewalker View Post
Thank you for all of your replies...

I am starting to beleive that in PvP I do not really want to 'tank' after all.

I want to upset and annoy people by killing them or destroying their ability to fight - tanking is not for me, and I think I may have th wrong ship for PvP - darn.
You definitely want a Science Vessel then.

Destroying people's ability to fight can be done with powers like Scramble Sensors, Gravity Well and Photonic Shockwave, Chronitons, Phasers.
Destroying the people's ship can be helped - if not outright done - with Charged Particle Burst, Tachyon Beam, Shockwave, Quantum Toprs, Tri-Cobalts and Phasers.