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09-18-2011, 03:52 AM
Shield Drain Tri-Cobalt Bomber for Rear and Vice Admirals
Ship: Reconnaissance Science Vessel (RA) or Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit (VA):
  • Front: 1 Phaser Beam Array, 1 Quantum Torpedo Launcher, 1 Tri-Cobalt Launcher
  • Aft: 1 Phaser Beam Array, 1 Quantum Torpedo Launcher, 1 Tri-Cobalt auncher (optional: For PvE, omit the second Tri-Cobalt and take another beam array)
Base Equipment:
You want the Borg Set bonuses primarily, which means you aim for a total of at least 3 Borg set items.
  • Shields: Aegis Set Shield or best Covariant Shield you can get (For example Mark X Covariant Shield [Cap]x3 from Deep Space K-7 Mark Vendor)
  • Impulse Engine: Borg Set Engine or Aegis Set Engine
  • Deflector: Borg Set Deflector
  • Engineering: EPS FLow Regulator, Field Generator (Emblem Only Gear)
  • Science: Either 4 Induction Field Stabilizer or 4 Astrometic PRobes, or 4 Halon System Probes (whatever you can get.)
  • Tactical: Warhead Yield Chamber x1 (x2 if RSV), Borg Set Assimilated Module

Bridge Officer Powers
  • Science Commander: Science Team, Hazard Emitters II, Photonic SHockwave
  • Science Lt.Cmdr: Transfer Shield Strength 1, Transfer Shield Strength II, Tachyon Beam III, Charged particle Burst III
  • Science Ensign (LRSV-R only): Tractor Beam I or Science Team I or Hazard Emitters I or Polarize Hull I (adapt to your enemy)
  • Engineering Lt: Emergency Power to Shields I, Emergency Power to Shields II.
  • Tactical Lt: Tactical Team I, Torpedo Spread II or High Yield Torpedo II
  • Tactical Ensign (RSV only): Tactical Team I or Torpedo Spread I or High Yield Torpedo I
Power Settings for PvE: 100 Weapons, 25 Shields, 25 Engines, 50 Auxillary.
Power Settings for PvP with a decent team: 25 Weapons, 50 Shields, 25 Engines, 100 Auxillary
You can also consider switching between these two settings. The second setting is good when you are about to use CPB III, the first is good when you're not.

Skill into your ship and into Engine, Auxillary and Shield Efficiency and Performance skills. If you have the points to spare, also Weapon Performance.

For the rest of the skills, the UI has received a nice upgrade in the past. If you go into the skill training screen, there is a drop-down box for all powers you have. Select the power you're interested in, and it will highlight all skills that will contribute to it.

Tactical Advice
You try to bring down your enemies shields down primarily with your two shield drain powers. Use Tachyon Beam to keep an enemies shield down as you launch your torpedoes. Torpedo Spread has the potential for nastier critical hits then High Yield Torpedo.
You rotate the two use of the two Emergency Power to Shields to achieve 100 % uptime, giving you significant shield resistance. Transfer Shield Strengh augments EPtS to heal sustained damage. Hazard Emitters covers your need for hull heals. If you're flying the LRSV-R, don't forget to regularly use your Ablative Armor, especially when you are still sustaining damage. Tactical Team will transfer shield power to a shield facing under fire, so have it ready when you have to deal with massive attacks directed at you, so you can get the most out of all your available shields.

The other major build these days is probably one focusing on Scramble Sensors and trying to keep the enemy confused mos of the time, but I haven't done much in that direction.

If you are interested in a pure damage oriented build especially to get fast through PvE, don't use a Science Vessel, use an Escort.