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09-18-2011, 05:03 AM
I posted this in anotther thread but this is what I would do for healing myself and team support.


Lt. Tac: TT1, AP Delta 1
Lt. Com Eng: Epts1, Epts2, ES2 or AuxtoSif2
Com. Sci: ST1, TSS2, HE3, Cpb3
Lt. Sci: HE1, TSS2
Ens. Sci: ST1


Lt. Tac.: TT1, TS2
Lt. Com Eng.: Epts1, ES1, AuxtoSif2
Com. Sci.: ST1, HE2, TSS3, Cpb3/FPB3
Lt. Eng.: Epts1, RSP1
Ens. Sci.: TSS1


Lt. Tac.: TT1, AP Delta 1
Lt. Com Eng.: Epts1, ET2, ES2
Com.Sci.: ST1, TSS2, TSS3, Cpb3
Lt. Eng.: Epts1, AuxttoSif1
Ens. Sci.: HE1

Just some suggestions for your Nebula build. Though the 3rd option is a bit difficult, because it has an Engineering Team 2. Even though it shares a cooldown with Tactical Team (TT) and Science Team (ST), you cover all debuff types.

If your an Engineering officer you have even more heals with Rotate Shield Frequency and Mircale worker, hence you don't have to heal yourself and can focus keeping your team members alive.