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09-18-2011, 04:19 AM
Science ships are now completely OP thanks to Cryptic's recent balance dickery, and a great choice for any newcomer because of that.
  • Absolutely massive shield facings make them ultra tanky, and in a hybrid healer type set up you'll be able to out tank cruisers (except for the Varanus which loses a good chunk of shields for no good reason other than to gimp the klingon faction)
  • If you are in an Intrepid you get an invulnerability power too!
  • You don't give up much, if any damage. You can run 25 weapons power, load up three quantums up front and a couple of torp spreads and put out great damage (which is a complete and utter design failing on Cryptic's part -- weapons power should mean something!) Combine this with CPB and/or GW ftw. Stick a beam in the back for target subsytems, and put either chroniton mines, trics, or more torps in the other two rear slots.
  • Excellent shield healing and HoTs. You want to have two copies of ST for debuff clearing and shield healing, and a 125 aux TSS/HE is a huge heal
  • You get perks that no other ship has: a free copy of each target subsystem ability, a sensor analysis buff that increases your damage, and an enormous detection range for finding cloaked ships
  • And you still have room for cool powers like SS, PSW, TB/TBR, Tyken's, Tachbeam3, etc

Science ships currently do it all. You won't do as much damage as an escort, or heal hull as well as a cruiser (you'll still heal shields better), but that doesn't matter if you have enough of them. They are easy to fly, and you can never have too many of them in a team. Go sci/sci and run 4x induction stabilizers for insane sci fleet resists and shield healing while you're at it.

The only downside is that you'll suck at PvE because PvE enemies are too pathetic to need to be debuffed. That's also the reason I don't see Cryptic fixing balance between the ship classes anytime soon -- the balance points for PvE are exactly opposite thanks to generally **** design.