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09-18-2011, 05:16 AM
There are Cruisers out there that can tank very well and at the same time dish out substantial damage.Some of them are that good that makes u want to shout "UNFAIR"..(.you should be great in either heal/tank OR Dps ,NOT BOTH).So its definitely possible to set up a build that does well in both departments.I m uncertain about how they do it but fact is they do.

Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
Science ships are now completely OP thanks to Cryptic's recent balance dickery, and a great choice for any newcomer because of that.
  • Absolutely massive shield facings make them ultra tanky, and in a hybrid healer type set up you'll be able to out tank cruisers (except for the Varanus which loses a good chunk of shields for no good reason other than to gimp the klingon faction)
  • If you are in an Intrepid you get an invulnerability power too!
  • You don't give up much, if any damage. You can run 25 weapons power, load up three quantums up front and a couple of torp spreads and put out great damage (which is a complete and utter design failing on Cryptic's part -- weapons power should mean something!) Combine this with CPB and/or GW ftw. Stick a beam in the back for target subsytems, and put either chroniton mines, trics, or more torps in the other two rear slots.
  • Excellent shield healing and HoTs. You want to have two copies of ST for debuff clearing and shield healing, and a 125 aux TSS/HE is a huge heal
  • You get perks that no other ship has: a free copy of each target subsystem ability, a sensor analysis buff that increases your damage, and an enormous detection range for finding cloaked ships
  • And you still have room for cool powers like SS, PSW, TB/TBR, Tyken's, Tachbeam3, etc

Science ships currently do it all. You won't do as much damage as an escort, or heal hull as well as a cruiser (you'll still heal shields better), but that doesn't matter if you have enough of them. They are easy to .
No wonder i ve noticed a massive movement of federation players towards science ships.
More often now an escort/BOP gets decorated with 2 or even 3 Subnukes in a row ,not knowing wth they all came from..