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# 1 Fed Teams... suck?
09-18-2011, 05:46 AM
Ok, perhaps it was just bad luck or something.

But I'm playing this game for few months now and as STFs suck I was always jumping on the PvP after reaching admiral level. And for those month I once, ONCE!, found a team I could actualy work with. Team where Sci is doind CC or healing, Eng tanks and escort kill (while being kept alive by previous two). For all other fights its mostly each member doing its own and not thinking about the others. Best example would be a team I was on in Ker'rat with 4 Feds (two escort, two sci) vs 3 Klinks (2 BoP, oni sci in Vor'cha). In theory Feds should own them, in practice one escort was flying around merrily killing Borg, another was waiting cloaked near those repair boxes for someone to scan the nodes so he can get quick and easy 1st or 2nd place.

I was staying with the other sci and... well, trying to keep myself (and her) alive while she was flying around trying to keep alive.. herself. I was nver, ever healed in those fights.

And this is not exception, this is the rule.

On the other hand I have yet to find a Klink team that is not working together.

What is wrong with Fed team play?