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09-18-2011, 05:59 AM
Originally Posted by wfriedman1971 View Post
It should have been Sovereign T5, Galaxy T4, Ambassador T3, Excelsior T2, and Constitution T1. It pains me that my T5 Excelsior whoops up on my T5 Galaxy refit...and I fell stupid cruising the galaxy in a 100 year old ship.
I agree with most of your list but canonically the Lakota Excelsior fought the Defiant to a standstill, only barely losing - and the only reason it did lose was because neither side would use their torpedoes for fear of causing serious harm to the people on the other ship.

Cryptic is left trying to make sense out of all the inaccuracies we have seen on the screen over the years. I would have probably made the Excelsior a T2/T4 combination - and I would not have made the Excelsior the best combat cruiser in the game. But that is just me; and fans always argue over the subjectiveness of the episodes and movies.