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09-18-2011, 10:38 AM
To the OP: Thank you for taking this issue up here! It's so good to see this rather than seeing people accusing everyone else of haxing

I suspect you have fallen into the same trap as most cruiser pilots in this game; not specializing! A cruiser can be good at everything, but not at everything at once. You HAVE TO choose. You have the following basic choises:

- damage
- healing

simple? yes, in theory yes, but..... If you go damage, you have to REALLY go all in! Use a bunch of your engi abilities do increase damage, and sacrifice a lot of your tankability in the process of doing so! If you only go half-way, you'll never see great performance. Set most of your abilities to increase damage, and leave a minimum to get you out of the tight spots.

For healing, you have to really neglect your damage dealing. Be prepared to run with all your power to aux and shields, and get rid of (almost) all abilities that can't be used on your teammates!

In short, be very ready to give up things you like, in order to specialize your build! (and choose a ship that allows you to do what you're specializing in! Star Cruiser for healing, and excelsior for damage! ***.cruiser can also be used for damage.)