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09-18-2011, 10:59 AM
Originally Posted by rooster75
That's not true. There are several ways to "strip" the Intrepid's deployable Ablative armor. A lot of Captain's have the means to do this but they are unaware of how to do it or don't pay attention.
Invulnerability is of course an exaggeration - but the only way to get rid of it is to stun the enemy or disable his Auxillary Power (draining it to 0 or a disable proc). The latter is not reliably done, and the former first requires to have a PSW ready. But Photonic Shockwave is often alraedy used to _get_ someone in a position where he really wants another uber-healing power. So while you can stun, subnuke, scramble and focus fire on a cruiser, you need to put that stun in reserve to deal with an Intrepid - or it will have a 15 second reprieve in which its heals - and those of its allies - can recharge, and where you're under attack yourself.

OF course, Intrepids aren't invulnerable overall, but the Ablative Armor is a significant advantage - and probably more than a meager +15 to Hazard Systems or +26 to Phaser Damage can give you.