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09-18-2011, 01:18 PM
Ye, but almost every PVP build can tank or whatever in PVE

In this case I would just make some minor changes like reducing the TSS3 to TSS2 and add Gravity Well 1 or Scramble Sensor 2. I would keep the Cpb and combine it with Torpedo Spread 2. For PVE it's perfect since it can hit several target at once and take the NPCs down very quickly as soon as their shields are down.

Set your Aux power to 100 to maximize your Cpb and Gravity as well as Srcamble Sensor. (50/25/25/100 Space Power distribution; Weapon power doesn't affect the effectiveness of Torpedos, only consoles do.)

Otherwise you could go for full beam nebula and set your weapon power to 100. Add a FAW2. That would be another way of playing through PVE quickly.